Friday, August 15, 2008

Ring, ring

The Common Man's got nothing today. He stayed up late last night again for no good reason, and The Boy tickled his father's feet awake at 6:00. The Common Man basically just wants to find a mattress somewhere and make up the sleep he missed, but he knows that he's got work to do. So he's phoning this one in. The Common Man is not complaining, mind you. If he's going to be woken up by anyone before his alarm goes off, it's better to be a 20 month old in froggy pajamas than anything else. It's impossible to be mad at anyone wearing froggy pajams, after all. The Common Man defies you to be mad at anyone in froggy pajamas, especially if they are carrying a Tickle-Me Elmo. Just try not to smile at them. See, you can't do it.

Anyway, The Common Man is way unfocused this afternoon and just can't bring himself to blog about anything meaningful. So he promises a double-poster tomorrow, after he gets a full night's sleep and retaliates by waking his son up playing Revelie on his trumpet at 6:00 in the morning. In the meantime, enjoy the great Ernest Borgnine, star of The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch, The Poseidon Adventure (The Common Man's favorite guilty pleasure movie), Escape From New York, and McHale's Navy explaine to the Fox News morning crew how he stays so young-looking. When you're 91, you can say anything you want, in The Common Man's book, as long as you don't go all Mel Gibson.

(warning: this is probably safe for work, but keep the volume low anyway)

I JUST SHOOK HIS HAND! That'll teach them to pretend to be interested in what an old man has to say.

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