Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks: Olympic Special

The Common Man is inspired today by the performance of American athletes at the Beijing Olympics. At 34 total medals (10 gold), they are second in the medal count, just one behind the host country. A cynical man may note that China has 22 golds, and that 5 of America's golds have been won (at least in part) by the ridiculous Michael Phelps. While true, it's worth noting that China has roughly three times the population of the United States, a much larger pool from which to draw, and may be threatening to kill a box full of adorable puppies for each event a Chinese athlete does not win.

The athletes The Common Man has seen have been amazingly agile, strong, and fast. They have displayed control over their bodies and skills that they execute with machine-like precision. And so it is in their honor that The Common Man presents a very special double-bonus Olympics version of Stupid Man Tricks. These aren't stupid, per se, but they do look painful. As a word of warning, to get to one of them, you will have to sit through 15 seconds of professional brother-of-a-funny person Jim Belushi. Which could almost count as a Stupid Man Trick in and of itself:

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