Wednesday, August 13, 2008

State of the Blog

The Common Man is celebrating tonight, even though the Twins aren't in first place. Yesterday, The Common Man was part of the weekly Manival, a carnival of blogs by, for, and/or about men at Discovering It was an honor to be included, and The Common Man tips his hat to the other fine men who made this week's list. The day saw a huge uptick in traffic here, and The Common Man is grateful for each and every new reader. He invites you to come back often, as he updates the site with new material daily (and sometimes more than that).

For you newbies, this is a site about men and the things men should care about. The Common Man is tired of Hollywood and Fox News and French make-up designers telling him what manliness is. No, in true manly style, The Common Man, a real man if there ever was one, will tell you what manliness is. And what men should do. And watch. And say. And how they should feel (numb is good, or at least faking numbness and fear that you're not stifling your emotions enough).

It's a place where you'll find posts about family, beer, stupid things men do (because to do things without thinking is manly), sports, film, tv, politics, and, of course, explosions. Big ones. The Common Man looks forward to interacting with each and every one of you. So surf around a while. Read some stuff. And come back soon. And thanks for making your way here in the first place.


Kevin (ReturnToManliness) said...

good post. I hate Fox News. The whole right wing psycho's are completely boring me.

The Common Man said...

Thanks, Kevin. While The Common Man agrees with you in general, it's worth noting that folks on the right do not have a monopoly on telling men how to think, act, and feel.

Folks on the left have been trying to do that as well, and their efforts are often more subtle. Think about the kinds of men that women on television go for today: "soulful", "deep", and "sensitive." The Common Man doesn't necessarily begrudge this, however, because when his wife was looking for a real man and could only find deep, soulful, sensitive-types, she stumbled upon The Common Man and knew she had found the yin to her yang. It certainly clears the playing field a little since, while they hem and haw and contemplate, real men are acting.