Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks

The Common Man is baffled that this may be the last time baseball is offered as an Olympic sport. Despite the game's populartity worldwide (particularly in South America, Asia, and the Caribbean), Olympic organizers have elected to drop the (Inter)national Pastime from its roster after twenty years, and it will not be offered in 2012. The IOC has determined that baseball is too expensive (an olympic baseball stadium would need to be built in most host cities) and not compelling enough. Meanwhile, this year, BMX bike racing has been added to the slate at the world's premiere sporting event, and seemingly will continue to be part of the games for the foreseeable future. The International Baseball Federation is trying to get baseball reintroduced in 2016, but has been unsuccessful thusfar.

In related news, basketball will be replaced in 2016 by this young man and his amazing lighter tricks (warning: some of the language is NSFW) as the International Olympic Committee seeks to make its product worse with much cheaper and stupider "sports":

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