Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Beer Review: Yuengling Traditional Lager

If you've ever walked into a bar in the Mid-Atlantic region of this country, you've undoubtedly heard of Yuengling. If you've known The Common Man long enough, you've hoisted a pint or 20 with him. The name sings off the tongue, a sweet note of nonsense that sounds like something The Boy would say while he holds a conversation with a strainer he's about to put on top of his head. D.G. Yuengling & Sons, Inc. bills itself as the oldest brewery in the U.S. (circa 1829), and makes several fine products. The flagship, however, is the Yuengling Traditional Lager, known affectionately around the state as simply "Lager."

Yuengling benefits from being refreshing, flavorful, and cheap. Cheaper than everything except the American waters who pass themselves off as lagers. Indeed, Yuengling is a true lager, full-bodied and flavorful. Muddier and darker than your Budweisers. If you like beer, and are looking for a good, inexpensive, but not heavy beer, you've found your man.

The flavor is difficult to describe, other than "beery." Perhaps "balanced" is a better and more appetizing term. You won't find the hops outmuscling the caramel malt, nor will you be burdened by a heavy aftertaste. In fact, Yuengling rinses clean away, and just as easy to gulp as it is to sip. The Common Man heartily endorses sharing a pitcher with friends. The bottles are good, but the beer appeals to so many palettes that it's best to share and bond. So enjoy the pride of Pottsville, PA (a close second: author John O'Hara) without reservation. Don't be fooled by the funny name and go for something familiar; you'll miss out and you may never have a chance to say the word "Yuengling" again.

Sorry for the relatively short review. The Common Man was in Delaware most of the day.


Kevin (ReturnToManliness) said...

I'm cracking open an Heineken right now. I love these obscure beers as much as the next guy, but its the traditional big three for most of the time...

The Common Man said...

Nothing wrong with those three, Kevin. The Common Man approves of all of them. You know of his love of the Bass. And there's nothing wrong with having favorites. The Common Man keeps his fridge well stocked with Bass and his cupboard full of Jack Daniels.

That said, Yuengling really is a staple in the Northeast, like LaBatt's in Canada. And for good reason. The Common Man missed it after he moved. The Common Man believes that it is his duty, as a man, to be adventurous within reason. While you won't find him running with the bulls, he has no problem surfing for new brews.

The Uncommon Wife said...

Yuengling is a favorite of The Uncommon Wife. I hereby endorse it? Does that make it less manly?

The Common Man said...

No, the character of the beer is unchanged. Perhaps that makes you more manly. And The Common Man is unsure how to deal with that possibility. Then again, the beer itself is not especially manly. Just especially good.