Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Beer Review: Beach Bum

A couple days ago, Dr. Awesome, of To Every Man a Manswer, reminded The Common Man that summer's end was drawing nigh. Depressed, but determined, The Common Man resolved to rage, rage against the dying of the summer. To whit, The Common Man, The Uncommon Wife, and The Boy went to the neighborhood block party tonight. While his parents enjoyed some adult interaction, The Boy decorated frisbees, blew bubbles, bounced in castles, and ran amuck. On a beautiful summer day, it was easy to forget that August is half done and college football, as Dr. Awesome points out, starts in just two weeks.

It was the kind of day that was made for Beach Bum Blonde Ale, a seasonal product of Anheiser-Busch. It seemed, after all, appropriate for the time of year; and it might be The Common Man's last chance to really celebrate the awesome warmness of the middle months. So, because The Common Man never goes to a party empty-handed, he brought along a sixer to share.

As it turned out, between The Common Man and The Uncommon Wife (and the beer that spilled on the grass), there really wasn't anything to share. But it was the thought that counted, and The Common Man wasn't about to pilfer a pilsner from one of his new neighbors.

As The Common Man said, it was a perfect day for Beach Bum, but The Common Man is definitely not the target audience for the beer. Anheiser-Busch calls it "a traditional American blonde ale with a slightly spicy hop note and balanced malty flavor." In reality, it's like a hoppy Budweiser. The Common Man tends to go for beers that have more body and taste, and that integrate the hops into the beer more. This was very short on flavor, much like water, except for the disappointing hoppiness.

The Uncommon Wife agreed, calling the beer "forgettable" and "unimportant." If you're looking for a more interesting version of Return to Manliness's "yard beer," and prefer light ales, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, The Common Man doesn't feel comfortable recommending it. You're better off getting Coors Light. It'll at least go down more smoothly.


Kevin (ReturnToManliness) said...

If it didn't do the job on taste, it better have been cheap! I like Coors Light - should have made the yard beer list, but it is almost too high brow to make that list.

You are the man! Never going to a party empty handed is some of the best advice to give any guy.

The Common Man said...

Thank you, Kevin. The Common Man enjoys beer a great deal, and wouldn't feel right about draining the local supply without replenishing it in some small way.

Not too cheap, sadly. Still less than a dollar a bottle, but its unfamiliar name apparently gave Anheiser-Busch the idea they could sell it for closer to micro-brew prices.