Sunday, August 3, 2008

Common Musings and Stupid Man Tricks

Random observations from a weekend in Pennsylvania and Delaware...

- When it appeared that The Common Man, The Uncommon Wife, and The Boy would be stuck in the Detroit airport until one in the morning, waiting for their flight to Baltimore to take off, Sue and Renee of Northwest Airlines worked together to rebook us on a flight to Philadelphia as The Common Family was running through the airport to catch the new plane. Their calm and reassuring demeanors made what could have been a gut-wrenching experience into a bearable one. And though the luggage didn't make the trip with The Common Man, it was delivered promptly the next day. Thank you to Sue and Renee, and to Northwest Airlines. You will be receiving a thank you letter shortly.

- Delaware seems as intent on discouraging visitors as Northwest Airlines was on keeping customers. Though the state seemingly has little going for it (hey there, Delaware readers!) aside from no sales tax, the state charges $4 to get in, and $4 to leave it. Also, to get to the good part of Delaware, the one with the beaches, you have to pay another $2 coming and going. All told, The Common Man paid the state of Delaware $13.15 for the "privilege" of being there.

- And for his $13.15, The Common Man got to drive through a blinding thunderstorm to get to his friends' wedding. It was scheduled to be on the beach at 9 AM, but the rain wouldn't allow it. The wedding was postponed for the next day, when they played a double-wedder.

- Speaking of inappropriate puns, The Common Man was endlessly amused by Crabby Dick's, undoubtedly the least popular seafood restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. Dick, according to the story provided by the restaurant's website, was looking for a mate. And "Anita was also well kown [sic] by the local sailors that came into the port. You see, Anita had been “around The Block” and was looking for a jimmy to call her own." It's an old story. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy gets crabs from girl who had been hanging out with sailors before meeting boy.

- For the most inappropriately arousing anthropomorphic crab, click here.

- The Boy hit the beach for the first time this weekend. He liked the ocean at first, as it came up and rushed over his feet. And he liked it when it rushed in and hit him in the midsection. He became less amused when a wave hit him in the chest and the water bounced up into his face. But he got over it and managed to escape without a sunburn. Unlike The Uncommon Wife. Who now is approximately the color of that crab above. The Common Man, of course, is too much of a man for the sun to hurt him. He remains nicely toasted.

- Tonight The Common Man, et al, return from whence they came, flying from Philly to Detroit to Madison. Here's hoping that there are no hiccups this time around, like this idiot, who apparently forgot to wait for the plane to land:

It's a wonder men survive long enough to propagate the species.

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